Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. How long does it take to paint my pool?

Under normal circumstances the process will take two to four days.  Once painted it is recommended to leave for seven days before filling with water.

Q. How long can I expect the paint to last?

Option 1: Chlorinated Rubber will give you between two and five years.
Option 2: Epoxy paint will give you from 8 to 15 years, a lot depends on the maintenance and ensuring correct chemical application to the water during these years.

Q. Do you guarantee your work?

The preparation and application do have a standard conditional warranty of 12 months in which time anything that is likely to appear, will.

Q. Can you fix cracks or other areas which appear to be leaking?

We have several methods of fixing damaged areas, which are not noticeable once the finish paint is applied.

Q. Do you travel to my area?

We will offer a quote from supplied sufficient photographs and measurements of your pool. Should there be any difficulty a visit will be made and a quote given prior to leaving. If your pool is in the North Island we most likely can refurbish it for you.

Q. Is there any advantage of one colour over another?

Lighter colours do not attract UV rays as do darker colours. Although dark colours may warm your pool a few degrees more the coatings will normally deteriorate quicker.

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