Primary Containment

Rhino Linings Industrial coatings elastomeric polyurethane and polyurea formulations are 100% solids and designed for reducing primary containment maintenance costs and maximize equipment return on investment. Rhino linings can be sprayed or cast onto virtually any substrate (new or in service) of any shape, regardless of penetrations, to any required thickness. All of our formulations are tack free within several minutes reducing downtime to a minimum.

All formulations can be applied significantly thicker than many other protective coatings in the market, from 2mm to unlimited thickness, that elongate, remain flexible year after year, adhere tenaciously and remain extremely durable in the harshest environment.

The RhinoChem formulation is designed purposely to be resistant to constant immersion as well as resistant to harsh chemicals. Rhino Industrial coatings are water, chemical and acid resistant and are capable of protecting your storage tanks from corrosion and rust.

As a sacrificial layer, Rhino Linings provides superior protection from harsh chemicals and biological environments. Product formulations are the ideal protective solution to protect against spills, leaks, or leaking hazardous material seeping into the surrounding environment.


NIWA experiment containment

NIWA experiment containment

  • Primary storage tanks
  • Steel holding tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Frag tanks


  • Tack free within seconds of application .
  • Spray applied to any thickness required.
  • Can be spray applied to virtually any substrate including concrete, steel, metal, fibreglass, wood and geotextile surfaces.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Products flex and expand with the substrate / thermal coefficient of change, making them an ideal liner for petrochemical containment.
  • Provides excellent chemical resistance against fuel, diesel, crude oil, acid solutions, condensates, salt water, acids, hydroxides, solvents and other various harsh chemicals

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