Residential Flooring Solution


  • multiple colour selections  rhino_benne_pu
  • high gloss finish
  • superior resistance
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • environmentally friendly

You’ve heard the name Rhino Linings, now take Rhino into your home with our residential protective coatings.

Rhino Coatings provides superior protection for garages, decks and more! Our newest product line for flooring and decks gives your home or business premises the best in quality, looks and a brand that is known for excellence.

Superior to traditional epoxy flooring, Rhino Coatings combines the hard hitting toughness of polyurethane protection with beautiful colour combinations offering you a decorative floor finish that will leave you breathless every time you walk out of your home and into your outdoor living space or garage.

Rhino_easy-to-cleanAs you expand your lifestyle … you need to expand your space. So why not personalize the largest room in your home – the garage! This valuable storage space could be more than just a storage place, it could be your new family room, workout area, or just a place to call home for your car, boat or motorcycle.

Bring that space into your garage with Rhino Coatings, adding our protective coatings to your home is quick, clean and can be completed in just one day, having you back in your garage the very next day.




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