Rhino Linings



Since 1988 Rhino Linings has gained a reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of spray-applied lining solutions for the automotive industry.

Our aim is always to deliver long-term solutions, benefits and cost savings.

rhino_linerRhino Linings products, technology and refined application techniques were pioneered and developed in the United States of America initially for the automotive industry – used primarily to protect utes (pick up trucks), other light commercial vehicles and trailers of all kinds.

Since this time many thousands of customers around the world have been using Rhino Linings premium protection applications, realising the advantages of Rhinos specialised formulations, practical experience and knowledge, backed by exceptional customer service, all the elements necessary to create the worlds most recognised and superior sprayed-on lining

Our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that they are dealing with a well-established and reputable company and that the performance of our products has been proven in the most testing environments and applications around the world over many years.


Our work is strictly monitored to ensure highest standards – our guarantees are genuine and the long-term benefits gained by users of Rhino Linings are substantial.

Click here for more Rhino Lining application photos


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